Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Get It!

As a child, my parent’s friends and relatives would sit around large dinner tables reminiscing about how excited they had been for a certain president, usually Kennedy, and how much they missed him. I looked at these people with some childhood bewilderment.

“Miss him”?! I thought – how silly to miss a man you don’t know. Big deal, he was President. Growing up I had never experienced a president who created actual change for the American mindset. I assumed, much like queens, presidents were figure heads who were just really popular and got picked by people with the most money. To my eight-year-old mind – these men were not any smarter than say, my father, just more interested in wearing suits and talking in front of microphones.

As I went through school I had friends who had been offered trips to the Whitehouse to meet the president, and while I thought this was cool –just think of all the nooks and crannies my snoopy little hands would desperately love to explore-- I was not so interested in shaking this mans hand –he’s just an old white dude. Furthermore, once in a bold move at an Easter dinner I proclaimed to my ultra republican family that I would not take the “opportunity” to shake George W.’s hand if “granted” This resulted in a swift kick under the table and a long glare – but I stand by my testament.

Regardless, last night over yet another culinary feast (that I will go ahead and brag about, because I have been banging out some delish meals as of late – BBQ tofu, stuffed peppers, putanesca, lentil burgers, homemade breadsticks, oatmeal raisin cookies to knock your socks off) We sat and discussed Obama, his first day in office, all the things he had done over the past 12 months and 3 years. We discussed his appeared change of attitude from the campaign trail to the oval office.

And then again this morning, I listened with baited breath to NPR as it guided me through his first decisions, his first bold actions and the many to come. I am filled with the kind of excitement I would have for a best friend who is embarking on a great journey.

I’d gladly shake his hand, In fact I would feel down right honored to shake the hand of his youngest daughter, and let her know that her daddy is, just maybe, as smart as my daddy; then I would coerce her to let me snoop through the Whitehouse kitchen.

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Carl said...

Of all of them, I had the most fun taking that picture... And they were all pretty spectacular. GOBAMA!