Monday, January 5, 2009

If Your Always on the Go, Make an Angel in the Snow...

...And Freeze (<--- click, video wouldn't post)
The Dr. Dog lyric above has become my Mantra for 2009. (For those who are hopeful that my ever moving ways and ant-settling tactics are on a downfall - forget it. This past weekend I completed my first 50k (31miles - silly American system) )

Why would one choose to run their own body and brain in circles among the trees and snow for 6 hours? - Maybe to run so far that one finally slows down and realizes - the only thing to run from -as far as humans are concerned - is the stress and to finally find some peace.

As we step into 2009 - a year that some have doted to be the year of change and hope - it is advisable that we look forward while recognizing that for eons of history - animals have been so close to nature that they are controlled by it - unlike humans, who are so constantly plugged in to technologically we couldn't find nature , if we were in the middle of the Sahara, without the GPS system telling us where to turn left. We must take some time...

Get outside, make snow angels, drink water, talk to friends, take lovers, cook food, eat it slowly, admire your reflection - and breathe the breeze.


Andrea said...

CONGRATS on the 31 miler. You are my hero!

Joanna said...

WHAT?? YOU RAN A 50K AND DIDN'T TELL ME? I'm so excited for you? Congrats, dear woman!

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