Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spoons and Forks – it’s Jilly’s 24th

I’m kind of a treadmill Nazi – once I start running on one I won’t stop or switch machines regardless of the issue – buzzing noises, much needed bathroom break, bloody feet... So the day I stopped my running and hopped over two treadmills to run next to this girl I went to college with, (but had not seen since spring break senior year after avoiding her like the plague for the 10 dollars in gas I never paid) must have been a fateful day.

Jill and I reconnected last January for TNT –which any of you who read this most likely donated to either or both of us – so a thank you for that! – During our 6 months of training together we ended up forging our lil lives. There wasn’t much of the day we spent a part. And some of my favorite memories of running are in the early mornings on country roads or late at night on paired treadmills at the gym.

Jill is a straight up genius – if you ask her she will tell you that herself –but I will save you that and tell you how one day she turned to me on the treadmill and said “I think I am going to be a Dr.” I was encouraging with my comments but had no idea four months later she would be enrolled in her Post-Bach program at Columbia. Jill gets most excited when talking about curing people of diseases, and physics; like shaking excited in a way that makes her too cool for school – or maybe actually made for school; and therefore I support her current plans of being a forever student (don’t worry Jilly I will figure out how to house and feed you if need be)

In addition to her mental strength she’s a straight up hard body as well – what’s the toughest sport out there? You ask. – flipping upside down on a bar less than 6 inches wide –was that your answer – Yeah, Jilly is a gymnast to boot (probably another reason she likes physics so much) . I could sit here all day and list her accolades of three degrees, marathon runner, gymnast, physics tutor, amazing TaTa's and a girl that speaks her mind – all the time. But instead I will just tell you that it’s her birthday – and thank goodness for having her around.

Jill taught me how to do a pull up and I taught her how to run, we have laughed and cried on her kitchen floor, in cars, while running and sleeping, we have drank too much, eaten too much, run too much. Through everything we have helped carry each other dreams with our brutal honesty and absolute admiration. Happy birthday Jilly, my Running buddy, bff, hetero life -partner.

A WORD TO THE WISE OF NYC: Jilly is also a touch deaf – increased by drinking – so if you see her stumbling around NYC this evening – buy her a drink , but speak loudly and clearly – other wise guard your nose – she might punch it. Do not touch her unless you are told you can. If she is being rude to you and you think she is flirting, she’s not. She doesn’t like spoons, just forks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Look at Life from Both Sides Now


Simply seductive
A spiting image of Joni in style and spirit
Running fool
Ambitious to see the world and love her family all at once
Hopeless romantic

Sarah is 25 – a quarter century and this fabulous soul sister has packed more into it than most do in a quadrupled lifetime. She is a literary genius captivated by fine writers and musicians; she harnesses their work and then pours into the hearts,souls and minds of little children all over the world. Spending the past three years on three different continents you would think it would be hard to keep touch - when infact Sarah often acts as the glue that keeps many of our long-distance friendships together - with inspiring emails, g-chats and hysterical historicals of her current life.

I met and immediately attached myself to this wonder woman, while she was sunbathing as a lifeguard during our beloved Mohonk summer. At the summers close she was given the title of Zen Butterfly – probably the most calm in spirit and easiest to be friends with – with a rock star that jumped out behind her blonde hair and bright smile.

All in all, my girl is a total hopeless romantic – she loves the great tragedies of heartache and more often than not finds the positive outcome. She loves love, she loves being in love. She loves the love that her parents share and friends search to find. She loves the many great loves of her life, She loves the idea of a long soul mate and future families, she loves sharing her love with her friends.

And my dear friend, we love being able to share it with you. Happy quarter century – continue to be a figure of beautiful living history in our present worlds.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Food For the Soul

I have rediscovered my kitchen. For me, cooking is about feeding others. I find no joy in cooking for myself - to feed my soul I must fill your belly. My world and homes have become filled with wonderful people, whom I love - feeding them has become a new creative outlet for me.

My favorite kitchen comrade,Sarah, often quotes - "those who share food never get fat" - in honor of her birthday week I thought I would share my latest creative kitchen concoction.

Warm Apple Spinach and Bean Salad with Sweet Lemon Mustard Dressing

1 bag of leafy green spinach
1 Can of cannelloni Beans
1 tomato
Pepper to taste
I large Purple onion
½ Cup raisins
1 Gala Apple

Set oven to 300
Wash spinach and beans – Pour both into a 9x12 glass baking dish. Place in oven

Pepper the tomato and add to spinach around 10 mins in.

Pour ½ tsb of EVOO into pan and caramelize onion. With about 1 min left add raisins –cover and after 1 min remove from heat — add on top of spinach and beans once warmed

Pour ½ of dressing and mix salad

Slice gala apple and place on top once salad is warmed

Drizzle the rest of the dressing

Dressing to taste (in order of amount to put in)
Whole grain Dijon style mustard
Lemon juice
Maple syrup
Sesame oil
Red pepper flakes
Nutmeg – just a dash

A side note - -Finish up this healthy meal with some delish in-season cookies http://www.joyofbaking.com/Gingersnaps.html