Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Look at Life from Both Sides Now


Simply seductive
A spiting image of Joni in style and spirit
Running fool
Ambitious to see the world and love her family all at once
Hopeless romantic

Sarah is 25 – a quarter century and this fabulous soul sister has packed more into it than most do in a quadrupled lifetime. She is a literary genius captivated by fine writers and musicians; she harnesses their work and then pours into the hearts,souls and minds of little children all over the world. Spending the past three years on three different continents you would think it would be hard to keep touch - when infact Sarah often acts as the glue that keeps many of our long-distance friendships together - with inspiring emails, g-chats and hysterical historicals of her current life.

I met and immediately attached myself to this wonder woman, while she was sunbathing as a lifeguard during our beloved Mohonk summer. At the summers close she was given the title of Zen Butterfly – probably the most calm in spirit and easiest to be friends with – with a rock star that jumped out behind her blonde hair and bright smile.

All in all, my girl is a total hopeless romantic – she loves the great tragedies of heartache and more often than not finds the positive outcome. She loves love, she loves being in love. She loves the love that her parents share and friends search to find. She loves the many great loves of her life, She loves the idea of a long soul mate and future families, she loves sharing her love with her friends.

And my dear friend, we love being able to share it with you. Happy quarter century – continue to be a figure of beautiful living history in our present worlds.

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