Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Only Human

I’m not a big movie watcher. I have a hard time justifying the following - sitting still that long, paying that much hard earned mullah just to sit, and all the eating of junk food while sitting. In general, you could say I have a sitting problem. This carries over to other area of my life, especially the “office space” portion; I can often be found perching in my rolling chair at my desk – just to feel like I am standing up.

I digress, this past week my legs must have been in a little revolt - I sat a lot – it was kind of great. I watched four movies.
I’m not about to impress you with great reviews of the latest blockbuster – instead I caught up to rest of society.

In watching order: (I suggest all of them as I didn’t even get up for a pee break)

Burn after reading – Brad Pitt accidentally gets shot by George Clooney while trying to scam the CIA
Pineapple Express – Seth Rogen accidentally witness a murder when trying to get high
Igby Goes Down – Kieran Culkin accidentally becomes homeless while avoiding his life and his crazy Mama
O’brother, Where art though – The movie is just one big accident that was foreseen by a blind man all accompanied by a kick-booty sound track.

All these movies had unfortunate events when accidentally being human. After all this watching I went into a week of work where I accidentally was human once or twice or what felt like 400 times. It sometimes hard to remember that I’m human – granted my superhuman self-esteem has kept me rolling. But I don’t think I am alone in this forgetfulness. Accidents happen – the best way to avoid them is to slow down – maybe even sit for a bit. Eh dude?

Many of you at home have thought how much you would have loved to been the supporting role to brad pitt as a personal trainer, getting stoned with Seth Rogen, an adolescent rich kid telling off the mom, or finding a treasure of wealth; yet, it is often good that life is not what it is in the movies – and that we are only human.

Today– each day gets and better.

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