Monday, February 9, 2009

A Moment In My Job

Real conversations while keeping a straight face:

me:Are you employed
Woman: I have 11 children
me (not blinking): Oh
Woman: well, I also have 5 foreign exchange students - that I homeschool
Me: That sounds like a full time job; tell me about what you dont like about the grocery offerings at Kinney's
Woman:You know what ticks me off - they only sell half gallons, we use gallons of milk each week, so half gallons just doesnt make sense, I can't imagine why they wouldnt sell whole gallons it's not economical
Me: Fair, (jokingly) a cow would be more economical
Woman: you know, We were thinking about getting a goat...

- (crickets) -

Me: lets talk about the candy isle....

Hence why I needed this Vacation

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