Monday, August 11, 2008

Home on Tioga Street

Jess and B-Money moved into their new home this weekend. Binh-Man and I went down to head up "Team Nimble", keep Jess calm and help John Ford drink all the beer he purchased.

Porch Sleeping -
Home on Tioga

Lazy Sunday started on a Saturday afternoon
Beyond the boxes of yesterday’s houses
Backyard ball with surfers and summer brews
(Engineering on hold till Monday)

Today we build memories for tomorrow
In 100 years of yesterday’s wood
Is your Mama home?
No this is for free and it’s mine all mine
Put this box in the kitchen
Move this up to the attic;
We’ll discover it new, years from now and wonder why.

When the day is over
This shower can clean us all
It will start us fresh
For Sunday;
Sunday morning
Let me sleep
On the porch
And watch the town pass by

I’ll be returning here -
In September - what a beautiful day
Home; where life is good

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