Thursday, July 17, 2008

About Me:

I have some life goals.

One of them is to actually appreciate this body-o-mine that I run into the ground. I wonder if the makers of Mad Men knew they would get a loyal fan when this quote last season gave me a reason to love the be-hind behind me.

"She's a real lobster, all the meats in her tail."

Other life goals include: to adventure my "tail" around in northern California; eventually become a bangin' cougar; and always rock the Knickerbocker name. I'm a big believer in "signs" so when I stumbled across the flickr picture with this title Cougars and Knickerbockers , I felt very confident about the possible reality of all of my forecasted accomplishments


Joanna said...

keep postin, sister. i'm lovin it

Andrea said...

When i hear cougar i think of something different I think. So my last place in Menlo Park was buy a cigar shop (high class) called "Knickerboker". And now in Sunnyvale at my current place I live down the street from "Knickerbocker" the street. Every time I pass that street I just think it's a sign you are suppose to move here. :)